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Edwardian houses in San Francisco have an interesting architectural quirk known as the sunroom. They sit at the back of the house, often off the kitchen, and have lots of incredible light but are often too small to do anything practical with. A family I recently worked with had a lovely bright sunroom that they wanted to turn into a breakfast area. Although it was slightly larger than the sunrooms of most houses in the area, we still had to figure out how to maximize the space for a range of family activities.

We decided on a round table with a pedestal leg to maximize circulation and allow for extra seating if necessary. Both the table and the chairs are indestructible and wipe clean, which is vital with young children. Then for storage, we added a sideboard and open shelving.

The room also had two huge windows. With all those hard wipeable surfaces, it was important to soften the edges so we decided on fabric roman shades in an ogee print.

Then we just needed some decorative details – a stunning abstract floral print and a succulent centerpiece, and the room was ready to go!

See more of the project here.